Colorful Things – understanding cultural differences.

My Mexican sister-in-law’s colorful dishes, just washed.   Why are bright, colorful things so cheerful and why is America so afraid of them?  I’ve spent my whole life becoming fascinated by color and it’s combinations, from fingerpaintings to oil paintings to colorful gemstone jewelry.  I’ve often wondered why so many cultures embrace and celebrate color… Read more »

Harvesting Job’s Tears Seeds

In previous posts I talked about the Job’s Tears seeds I grow in my garden  for using in my jewelry.  They grew wonderfully and made many seeds, and now it’s time to harvest them.  You can check out my other blog posts or click the Job’s Tear link above to see the details of how… Read more »

The Job’s Tears seeds are forming!

I grow Job’s Tears seeds to use in my handmade jewelry right beside my driveway!  Job’s tears are the seeds of a grain plant that grow all ready with a shiny grey coating and a hole through the middle! I saw them in the Seed Saver’s Exchange catalog and couldn’t resist trying to grow them…. Read more »

Corn on the Cob – Estilo Mexicano!

It’s corn season!!  In Mexico, corn on the cob is sold at outdoor markets when it’s in season.  They stick it on a thick wooden skewer and then slather it, either with lime and chile powder, or with mayonnaise which is then sprinkled with queso cotija (kind of like parmesan cheese) and chile powder.  You… Read more »

Refrigerator Dill Pickles – Spicy has a new name!

Click here for a printable version! These refrigerator dill pickles are zesty, crunchy and easy easy easy to make!  Pickling cucumbers are the best to use if you can get them, but regular cukes work just fine.  One key to this recipe is getting fresh spices (I like to get mine at an organic food… Read more »

My Handmade Life

  As discussed in last week’s blog post, I’ve drawn everything I can think of that comes together to make up my Handmade Life.  (The remodeling and fishing and hunting are more my husband’s projects, but I help and it’s a very much a part of my life!)  I hope you find it inspiring!  I’d… Read more »

The Handmade Life

Handmade Life Original Framed Art by blueberryshoes When I saw this adorable, framed artwork by Hollie of Blueberryshoes, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite books: A Handmade Life by William S. Coperthwaite. In the spirit of Helen and Scott Nearing’s The Good Life, Coperthwaite lives life by his own hands.  He discusses… Read more »

The Struggle of Creating Beauty

Yin Yang Chinese Rock Art Print by InnerSasa Scoutie Girl has sent out a call for crafters to share their struggles.  She declares that “We are not always happy people covered with tacky glue, acrylic paint and threads of a newly sewn dress.”  So true, so true. My art professor, Sue Buck, said to us… Read more »

Pisky with Heart Flying Up

This is a sketch I made yesterday…I’m going to make a small oil painting to hang up in honor of our recently departed friend.  We buried her in the flower garden under a nice, large rock.  Raul wants to make a cement plaque to put on top where I’ll draw the bunny symbol, and write… Read more »