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Childhood Christmas On A Back-To-The-Land Farm

A couple weeks ago, I told you about how we’d trek through the woods to get Christmas trees with my dad.  There was more to the woodland magic of Christmas mornings on our back-to-the-land-farm. Back then my adventurous Dad heated our house with wood. Every year, when we woke up at four AM on Christmas… Read more »

Trekking Through Woods And Crossing Streams: A Christmas Tree Story

Christmas morning on a back to the land farm in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Are you putting up your tree today?  I am!  And I want to tell you a story of Christmas trees and handmade ornaments. When I was little, we lived on a back-to-the-land farm in Northwestern Pennsylvania. We had 20 acres of woods and swamp with a stream running through.  In other words, heaven. My dad… Read more »

New Lichen Platter

New Lichen Platter by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

OMGOMGOMG, this lichen platter is AMAZING!!  If anyone wants to snag it early > $250 plus $50 shipping. It’s still warm from the kiln!  Be the first to email me and it’s yours. (If you’re reading this in your email, just respond to that email!  You can click here to view the video of the… Read more »

Life Lessons From An Opossum: An Art Story

Opossums are underappreciated.  I used to think of them as rabies threats that snarled at you with wicked grins and naked rat tails.  But then, I men one in my garden.  And that sweet creature changed my mind.   This opossum story is a part of my project to transform my #augustsketches sketchbook into a… Read more »

New Ceramic Christmas Ornaments Are Ready!

Spruce Forests, hoofprints in the snow, the wonder of coming upon a flower you weren’t expecting, the quiet thrill of being seen and tolerated by a wild animal.  Bring a woodland Christmas into your home this year with my set of ceramic Christmas ornaments featuring my original nature drawings! They are all handmade by me from… Read more »

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments In Progress

​Christmas already??  It takes a while to design and develop a line of ceramic ornaments, not to mention making up stock for the holiday season! Why Does It Take So Long? I hand carved these designs in clay and then made plaster molds from that.  Now I roll out clay slabs, cut them into circles… Read more »

New mug with a natural rim.  

​ The natural rim on my new line of handmade mugs is more subtle than the rims of my one-of-a-kind bowls.  Imperfect enough for you to feel the rhythm and flow of the earth as you sip, but not so broken as to cause steaming hot tea to spill over onto your shirt.  An important… Read more »

How to Find What You Most Desire

Some people are born knowing what they want out of life. But if you’re like me, then you could use a little help deciding.  How many times have you bought an outfit that later you regretted?  How many times have you grown bored with a new job just a few months after starting?  How many times… Read more »

Buy Your Art Bowls Now!

One-of-a-kind pottery bowls by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My first one-of-a-kind art bowls are ready for purchase!! Pull this handmade pottery bowl down from your shelf and feel the uneven rim, my fingerprints forever recorded in stoneware. Pour in a nourishing quinoa cereal and sit by the window as the sun shines in. You gaze at the complex, one-of-a-kind patterns in the glaze as you eat and… Read more »

ONE last thing before I can offer bowls for sale!

pottery bowls by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

These pottery bowls are beautiful, right? It’s almost Christmas, I should quick offer them up for sale and make all your gifting dreams come true!! But I can’t…not yet. There’s one tiny detail that I need to work out before I can offer these bowls for sale. Right now, they’re covered in beautiful oxides. But,… Read more »