October In The Ceramics Studio: Nature Art And Succulents

In progress ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

  It is so inspiring to see all the ceramic sculptures I’ve made this month together in one spot! What this month’s art has us thinking about: I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hindu myth of the Kali, goddess of destruction and of rebirth.  The large bear head and the bear painting I’m working on… Read more »

Free Printable Nature Art: The Beauty of Branching

Things that branch (including a new painting by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts!)

Branching, what a beautiful, universal phenomenon!  It’s found so many places in the natural world.  And we are drawn to it. river deltas tree tops lichen blood vessels sea fans leaf veins antlers hands coral seaweed snowflakes (God, I love making lists!) Like I said in my last post, the modern environments we build for… Read more »

The Perfect Art Print For Goddess Worshippers

Fine art prints by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Every woman who believes in the power of the feminine, who has felt the magic of generations of women course through her veins, and who chooses to claim that power for the benefit of all humanity is a follower of the Goddess. Maybe you feel this power when you hold certain crystals or when staring… Read more »

Announcing Secure Checkout On Site!


Checkout here at jennyhoople.com has always been secure, but up until now, it was processed offsite through PayPal.  I am very pleased to announce that you can now complete your purchases right here on site without going through a third party.  Yay!  I also took the opportunity to streamline the checkout process.  I love efficiency… Read more »

A Nature Artist’s Thoughts On Our Society Gone Insane

Monkey Mind, a nature artist's thoughts on our society gone insane.

I’ve been thinking a lot about police brutality in our country and the racism and hate being promoted by our most embarrassing presidential candidate ever.  Who hasn’t been thinking about these things?! A friend of mine said it feels like our society has gone insane. I disagree.   What’s happening is that the country is… Read more »

Mandala Stones Bring You Back To Center

One of a kind mandala stones by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

What’s hard about the modern work atmosphere is that we’re encouraged to go-go-go, produce-produce, get it done. Even when you’re not working on someone else’s dime, the work culture in our society is a hectic one. My mandala stones are a soothing desk-top reminder to… pause… and come back to center.  It’s possible to keep your soul… Read more »

Connecting Souls Through Pinch Pot Bowls


You pull the bowl down from your shelf and feel the uneven rim, my fingerprints forever recorded in stoneware. You look at the one of a kind glazing on the outside and pause to think about how wonderful, how astounding that I manage to create such natural beauty to the humming background music of “Mommy… Read more »

The Otherness Of Moss, Lichen And Fungi

Free printable moss, fungi and lichen nature prints by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts.

What is it that’s so enchanting about moss, fungi and lichen?  Ever since they evolved, flowering plants have diversified and multiplied covering the earth with their endless, mundane variety.  Flowering plants are great, don’t get me wrong, but what really enchants me is the strangeness of moss, fungi and lichen! One recurring theme in my… Read more »

One Of A Kind Art Bowls In The Works!

One of a kind art bowls in progress (by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Hello!! I’ve been on vacation visiting family and friends in Pennsylvania and now I’m back! And I have a new project in the works (My Patreon patrons will get first dibs, click here to learn more about Patreon.) You know that sculpture (more than pottery) is my thing, but I was thinking it’d be fun to make… Read more »