Life Lessons From An Opossum: An Art Story

Opossums are underappreciated.  I used to think of them as rabies threats that snarled at you with wicked grins and naked rat tails.  But then, I men one in my garden.  And that sweet creature changed my mind.   This opossum story is a part of my project to transform my #augustsketches sketchbook into a… Read more »

New Ceramic Christmas Ornaments Are Ready!

Spruce Forests, hoofprints in the snow, the wonder of coming upon a flower you weren’t expecting, the quiet thrill of being seen and tolerated by a wild animal.  Bring a woodland Christmas into your home this year with my set of ceramic Christmas ornaments featuring my original nature drawings! They are all handmade by me from… Read more »

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments In Progress

​Christmas already??  It takes a while to design and develop a line of ceramic ornaments, not to mention making up stock for the holiday season! Why Does It Take So Long? I hand carved these designs in clay and then made plaster molds from that.  Now I roll out clay slabs, cut them into circles… Read more »

I Did 64 Drawings and Paintings Last Month!

  Last month my good friend and fellow artist, Stacy Kathryn Holst, challenged me to join her in filling a 64 page sketchbook in a month and we both did it!!  (To see all of our sketches, check out the #augustsketches tag on Instagram.) Filling two full sketchbook pages a day plus taking care of… Read more »

Just 7 Rainbow Rocks Necklaces Left!

Limited run of Rainbow Rocks Necklaces coming soon!

I’ve sold most of this limited run of Rainbow Rocks necklaces in the first 2 days!  If you were hoping to get one, do it now because there are just 7 necklaces left.  Click here to get yours!  

Do You Miss Rainbow Rocks Necklaces?

I’m creating some Rainbow Rocks necklaces for a limited run! Click here to join my email list if you want to be notified when they’re up for sale 🌈 (if you’re reading this from my email list then stay tuned!!)

Great Mother Goddess in Bear Form

I’ve been thinking about bears… This sketch (part of a fill-a-sketchbook-in-a-month challenge I’m doing with my friend Stacy Kathryn!  #augustsketches) anyway, this sketch was inspired especially by a passage in Diana, Herself by Martha Beck where she describes a vision of ancient spring ceremonies. The Arkteia The Great Mother Goddess comes out of hibernation in… Read more »

The Best Strategy To Fire Up Your Sense Of Wonder

Amazing form and texture in fossils - art inspiration at the natural history museum, click through for more pictures!

  Whether it’s by surrounding yourself with interesting sculptures or by travelling to a different country or through something as humble as getting out to the natural history museum, The best strategy for opening your imagination is getting out of your everyday. The people I meet in Mexico think it’s funny that I love their little, dusty,… Read more »

Great-Mother Bear Goddess: a new finished sculpture!

Presenting a new ceramic sculpture: Great-Mother Bear Goddess is finished!   If you don’t remember the mind-blowing art story about how bears kept finding me, click here to be amazed. Now, thanks to a good talk with my friend and ceramics professor, I’m finally hitting my stride with what surfaces to finish these sculptures with.  Expect… Read more »

The Honeycomb Vessel Is Finished

Honeycomb Vessel in progress. A ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople

I started out with the idea that I wanted to make a honeycomb vessel.  (You can see how I was inspired by honeycomb forms in this previous post of the Honeycomb Vessel in progress.)  It was an intuitive and largely subconscious process, which is how I work best!  Here some of the many elements of… Read more »