I Did 64 Drawings and Paintings Last Month!

  Last month my good friend and fellow artist, Stacy Kathryn Holst, challenged me to join her in filling a 64 page sketchbook in a month and we both did it!!  (To see all of our sketches, check out the #augustsketches tag on Instagram.) Filling two full sketchbook pages a day plus taking care of… Read more »

Just 7 Rainbow Rocks Necklaces Left!

Limited run of Rainbow Rocks Necklaces coming soon!

I’ve sold most of this limited run of Rainbow Rocks necklaces in the first 2 days!  If you were hoping to get one, do it now because there are just 7 necklaces left.  Click here to get yours!  

Do You Miss Rainbow Rocks Necklaces?

I’m creating some Rainbow Rocks necklaces for a limited run! Click here to join my email list if you want to be notified when they’re up for sale 🌈 (if you’re reading this from my email list then stay tuned!!)

Great Mother Goddess in Bear Form

I’ve been thinking about bears… This sketch (part of a fill-a-sketchbook-in-a-month challenge I’m doing with my friend Stacy Kathryn!  #augustsketches) anyway, this sketch was inspired especially by a passage in Diana, Herself by Martha Beck where she describes a vision of ancient spring ceremonies. The Arkteia The Great Mother Goddess comes out of hibernation in… Read more »

The Best Strategy To Fire Up Your Sense Of Wonder

Amazing form and texture in fossils - art inspiration at the natural history museum, click through for more pictures!

  Whether it’s by surrounding yourself with interesting sculptures or by travelling to a different country or through something as humble as getting out to the natural history museum, The best strategy for opening your imagination is getting out of your everyday. The people I meet in Mexico think it’s funny that I love their little, dusty,… Read more »

Great-Mother Bear Goddess: a new finished sculpture!

Presenting a new ceramic sculpture: Great-Mother Bear Goddess is finished!   If you don’t remember the mind-blowing art story about how bears kept finding me, click here to be amazed. Now, thanks to a good talk with my friend and ceramics professor, I’m finally hitting my stride with what surfaces to finish these sculptures with.  Expect… Read more »

The Honeycomb Vessel Is Finished

Honeycomb Vessel in progress. A ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople

I started out with the idea that I wanted to make a honeycomb vessel.  (You can see how I was inspired by honeycomb forms in this previous post of the Honeycomb Vessel in progress.)  It was an intuitive and largely subconscious process, which is how I work best!  Here some of the many elements of… Read more »

The Beautiful Variety Of Spiral Shell Fossils

The beautiful variety in fossil spiral shells - art inspiration at the natural history museum, click through for more pictures!

Spirals are beautiful forms and meaningful symbols. growth beginning expanding forming but, cyclically.  Spirals move steadily outward, but they are always spinning.  Always turning around through the same orbit even as they move away from the center and grow. A natural choice of subject matter for a nature artist! I work at home with my… Read more »

Honeycomb Vessel In Progress

Honeycomb Vessel in progress. A ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople

  Here’s a new ceramic sculpture I’m making, and it’s taking me forever 😛 Surface area is a funny thing! Even funnier is the path that led me to begin this piece. It was all subconscious until I looked back at my instagram feed this week and saw my mind’s path. First, I made a… Read more »

Meditating to your own heartbeat.

Monkey Mind ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

  Do you usually meditate by paying attention to your breath?  Try paying attention to your heartbeat and see if it takes you deeper. At the beginning of the year, around the time I was planning out my core desired feelings for the year and committing to working exclusively on ceramic sculptures and pottery, I changed my… Read more »