Artist’s Statement

I want you to feel Connected and Free, like you’re always catching fireflies!

The Wonder Moments of our lives need to be cherished and amplified so that we can walk in wonder no matter where we are. ~ Jenny Hoople

Remember those childhood days spent on the beach, when you returned home with your pockets full of pebbles, shells and sand? That sense of wonder you get when you find a perfect, dew-spangled spiderweb?

This is what my ceramic art does.Ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts: The Beauty of Repetition

It expands into your chest with the full force of the lifetime of wonder-moments that your inner child still carries in it’s pockets.

The Wonder Moments of our lives need to be cherished and amplified so that we can walk in wonder no matter where we are.

10 Wonder Moments I Will Never Forget:

  • Forest-running, startled by a garden spider on her dewy web.
  • Scarlet, red-spotted eft (like a faery) on my mother’s hand.
  • Ghostly Indian Pipe mushrooms under the pine tree.
  • Barn owl on the chicken coop, that otherworldly stare.
  • Aurora Borealis over our farm, magic in the sky.
  • The fireflies we collected that were dead in the morning.
  • Running through sunny-forest-rain, stopped by red trillium.
  • Stars on New Year’s Eve in the cold, biting, clear sky.
  • Bouncing up a Mexican mountain, hummingbird nest.
  • Bouncing down again, huge eyes shining back, a Ringtail.


About Jenny Nature-inspired ceramic sculpture and pottery by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

I grew up rambling around the fields and woods of a back-to-the-land farm in Pennsylvania.

I graduated with a degree in Ceramic Sculpture and Fine Art from Allegheny College.

Now I live in Wisconsin with my husband, little boy and our scruffy terrier.

We spend our winters in Mexico visiting in-laws, cooking food on outdoor fires, getting inspired to make new work and living at the speed of nature.


I use ceramic sculptures to give viewers an experience of refuge from modern culture and my one of a kind pottery to give them a more authentic experience of daily life.


One-of-a-kind pottery bowls by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts


What people are saying:

“This is not just art. This is a way to reconnect to your own personal
“wonder-moments,” as Jenny calls them.” ~ Kelly

“The beauty and wonder of my new pottery draws me in.
Each glance reminds me to de-stress and
connect to the calm refuge within.” ~ Laura