Get first dibs on new pottery bowls and ceramic sculptures.

Here’s a sneak peek of my new one-of-a-kind pottery bowls and ceramic sculptures coming this week! I’ll be giving first dibs on these pieces and an exclusive discount to my Patreon patrons, as usual.  Click here to sign up for a discount off these bowls.   Each piece was fired three to four times with new… Read more »

Divining Your True Life’s Purpose

Original Art sculpture. Meditation Cave by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

  I had a revelation a while ago that the purpose of my art is really about helping people who have lost their true childhood spirit come back to themselves through nature and through art.  It came to me in a flash after doing an exercise at the end of Martha Beck’s awesome book, Finding… Read more »

For anyone needing a little green therapy today:

Remember that the Earth still loves you and that winter is a part of the cycle. Ripe raspberries will come from our garden again if we protect the dormant plants and keep them safe. I saw a meme about our current change in presidents.  It was a woman down on the ground planting seeds.  Another… Read more »

More one-of-a-kind pottery coming soon.

One-of-a-kind pottery bowls by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

I’m beginning the new year by developing a full product line of one-of-a-kind pottery!  I have a kiln-full of bowls getting ready for their third oxide firing (including a really nice sculptural bowl!), a beautifully textured serving bowl slowly drying along with two molds for making plates.  And I’ve started making mugs! My pottery is all one of… Read more »

New mug with a natural rim.  

​ The natural rim on my new line of handmade mugs is more subtle than the rims of my one-of-a-kind bowls.  Imperfect enough for you to feel the rhythm and flow of the earth as you sip, but not so broken as to cause steaming hot tea to spill over onto your shirt.  An important… Read more »

My Gift To You: Free Printable Fungi Art

Free printable fungi art by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My Christmas present to you:  Free printable fungi art!  I made up printable PDFs of black and white fungi photos I took myself and you can opt-in here to get unlimited free printing access, click here to claim your free prints. Print them out on photo paper, put them in simple black frames and you… Read more »

Buy Your Art Bowls Now!

One-of-a-kind pottery bowls by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My first one-of-a-kind art bowls are ready for purchase!! Pull this handmade pottery bowl down from your shelf and feel the uneven rim, my fingerprints forever recorded in stoneware. Pour in a nourishing quinoa cereal and sit by the window as the sun shines in. You gaze at the complex, one-of-a-kind patterns in the glaze as you eat and… Read more »

ONE day until Art Bowls and Christmas Ornaments

  Ohhhhhhhh, THE SUSPENSE!! My first 15 one-of-a-kind art bowls are glazed and in the kiln along with a VERY limited edition Christmas ornament which will be sent out Monday morning to my $3/month patrons (a new patron gift this year, The Year of the Bear!) This is your last chance to sign up to… Read more »