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Ceramic Christmas Ornaments In Progress

​Christmas already??  It takes a while to design and develop a line of ceramic ornaments, not to mention making up stock for the holiday season! Why Does It Take So Long? I hand carved these designs in clay and then made plaster molds from that.  Now I roll out clay slabs, cut them into circles… Read more »

Just 7 Rainbow Rocks Necklaces Left!

I’ve sold most of this limited run of Rainbow Rocks necklaces in the first 2 days!  If you were hoping to get one, do it now because there are just 7 necklaces left.  Click here to get yours!  

Great-Mother Bear Goddess: a new finished sculpture!

Presenting a new ceramic sculpture: Great-Mother Bear Goddess is finished!   If you don’t remember the mind-blowing art story about how bears kept finding me, click here to be amazed. Now, thanks to a good talk with my friend and ceramics professor, I’m finally hitting my stride with what surfaces to finish these sculptures with.  Expect… Read more »

ONE day until Art Bowls and Christmas Ornaments

  Ohhhhhhhh, THE SUSPENSE!! My first 15 one-of-a-kind art bowls are glazed and in the kiln along with a VERY limited edition Christmas ornament which will be sent out Monday morning to my $3/month patrons (a new patron gift this year, The Year of the Bear!) This is your last chance to sign up to… Read more »

43+ Photos That Prove The Power Of Mens Jewelry

The Power of Mens Jewelry

Proof of the power of mens jewelry:   All on one convenient Pinterest board! Click through to get style inspiration from my Power of Mens Jewelry board. Wishing you a week full of lunches at outdoor cafes, Jenny p.s. If you haven’t claimed your 20% off coupon yet, click here to get your coupon and start… Read more »

7 Ways To Find More Nature In The Suburbs

Free printable nature notecards by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Click Here to Get Your Free Nature Note Cards Cultivate awareness. Without fail, the more centered I am, the more I can pay attention to detail and the more wonder-inspiring nature moments find me, even here in the city.  How to cultivate this awareness?  Meditate, EFT Tapping, yoga, journaling, chanting, taking walks, whatever works for… Read more »

New Nature Art From A Winter In Mexico

Fine art prints by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Moon goddesses and spirit animals are two new directions in my art that really surprise and delight me. We’re back from our winter home in Mexico (after 3 full days of driving!) and I wanted to give you a preview of the new art coming soon here to my online shop. I started our 3… Read more »

My Art is Only Ever About ONE Thing

Organic clay sculpture in progress by Jenny Hoople. Click through to read about the inspiration behind her organic forms!

Pictured above is the top of a tortoise shell I’m sculpting! This is the first in a series of tortoise shells I want to make to explore the myth of the whole world resting on the back of a turtle shell.  It’s interesting how so many different ideas can be found rolling around together in… Read more »

Better Than Fireworks

Milkweed flowers are better than fireworks!

These milkweed flowers in the prairie planting of a local park were the best fireworks I saw this Fourth of July! (Followed at a close second by a brilliant crescent moon glimpsed through the clouds of spent firework smoke and third by the brave lightning bugs that ventured out despite the noise.) Here’s hoping you… Read more »

How To Drill Rocks Without Electrocuting Yourself

When I drill rocks with my dremel, I do it under just a little bit of water. If the diamond-tipped bit heats up, it wears out almost instantly because the glue holding the diamond chips on can’t take the heat and lets go of the diamonds! I’ve already showed you how to drill rocks, but… Read more »