Pisky with Heart Flying Up

This is a sketch I made yesterday…I’m going to make a small oil painting to hang up in honor of our recently departed friend.  We buried her in the flower garden under a nice, large rock.  Raul wants to make a cement plaque to put on top where I’ll draw the bunny symbol, and write… Read more »

The Passing of an Icon

I’m sad to report that Bunnita “Pisky” Casique Hoople, bunny companion of 7 years, passed away yesterday afternoon.   Suddenly in the last 3 days she stopped eating well and was having a lot of trouble breathing. It turns out that she had a lot of large and small tumors and that these had reached… Read more »

Authenticity – The real meaning.

What does it really mean to be authentic?  There are so many levels, so many nuances.  I named my business Authentic Arts, I claim to try to live authentically.  But what does this really mean to me?  What does it mean to you? Let’s start with a dictionary definition (From the Miriam-Webster online dictionary) au·then·tic… Read more »

Lamb, estilo Mexicano!

You don’t normally think of spicy chiles when you think of eating lamb.  People recommend gentle spices like mint or rosemary and garlic to help bring out the lamb’s flavor.  The recipes I normally see are ones inspired by Greek and Turkish cooking.  Well, in Mexico, they’re very fond of lamb and, you guessed it,… Read more »

Beet-burger Recipe

(Sorry, no pics, only lots of flavor!) Angelic Organics is the farm my husband and I work at, and beet-burgers have become the farm’s signature dish.  The original recipe hails from the Rose Valley Farm Food Book and Farmer John’s recipe elves have adapted the recipe and published it in Farmer John’s Cookbook: the Real… Read more »