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New Lichen Platter

New Lichen Platter by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

OMGOMGOMG, this lichen platter is AMAZING!!  If anyone wants to snag it early > $250 plus $50 shipping. It’s still warm from the kiln!  Be the first to email me and it’s yours. (If you’re reading this in your email, just respond to that email!  You can click here to view the video of the… Read more »

The Honeycomb Vessel Is Finished

Honeycomb Vessel in progress. A ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople

I started out with the idea that I wanted to make a honeycomb vessel.  (You can see how I was inspired by honeycomb forms in this previous post of the Honeycomb Vessel in progress.)  It was an intuitive and largely subconscious process, which is how I work best!  Here some of the many elements of… Read more »

Get first dibs on new pottery bowls and ceramic sculptures.

Here’s a sneak peek of my new one-of-a-kind pottery bowls and ceramic sculptures coming this week! I’ll be giving first dibs on these pieces and an exclusive discount to my Patreon patrons, as usual.  Click here to sign up for a discount off these bowls.   Each piece was fired three to four times with new… Read more »

One-of-a-kind Art Bowls In Progress

I can already tell, this pottery bowl is going to be special! As I said in my previous post, when I began creating these pinch-pot art bowls, each bowl I’m making will have unique surface decoration and glazing, every one as unique as snowflakes. Well, even more unique because none of them will be white!  Plus,… Read more »

Things That Branch: An Art Story

A new spirit animal painting by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

I don’t always know when I sit down to make a piece of art why I’m making it. I’ve learned to let my intuition run with it and look for the meaning afterwards.  I always find that my subconscious was unearthing meaning and making connections that my conscious mind was unaware of. We all do… Read more »

Announcing Secure Checkout On Site!

Checkout here at has always been secure, but up until now, it was processed offsite through PayPal.  I am very pleased to announce that you can now complete your purchases right here on site without going through a third party.  Yay!  I also took the opportunity to streamline the checkout process.  I love efficiency… Read more »

Connecting Souls Through Pinch Pot Bowls

You pull the bowl down from your shelf and feel the uneven rim, my fingerprints forever recorded in stoneware. You look at the one of a kind glazing on the outside and pause to think about how wonderful, how astounding that I manage to create such natural beauty to the humming background music of “Mommy… Read more »

Great-Mother Bear Goddess: An Art Story

Great-Mother Bear Goddess Sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Admittedly, most of what my analytical mind knows about the great-mother bear goddess comes from Martha Beck’s new fiction book, “Diana, Herself” (which I highly recommend!)  She writes of the old bear goddess as archetype of the sacred feminine.  Yessss… But, the first sculpture I made with bear as shaman came before I read the… Read more »

My Ceramic Color Palette, Spirit Bear Sculpture and the Mission That Pulls This All Together

Spirit Bear ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

First, I want you to know, that I am on a mission. I am making these ceramic sculptures to do my part to reconnect people with their innate sense of wonder/meaning/connection.  I’m not making them to “have another thing to sell”.  Admittedly, that’s mostly why I make the jewelry.  To support myself and my family… Read more »

How To Live A Nature Art Life By Giving In To Flow

Ceramic barnacle sculpture in progress by Jenny Hoople

How I create nature art using flow: So, we’re down in Mexico for the winter, as usual, and I’ve started building clay forms to do my first pit-fire. I started 5 forms and scrapped 3 of them within this first week, but I’m totally ok with that. Why? Here’s the breakdown: I intended to start… Read more »