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The Best Strategy To Fire Up Your Sense Of Wonder

Amazing form and texture in fossils - art inspiration at the natural history museum, click through for more pictures!

  Whether it’s by surrounding yourself with interesting sculptures or by travelling to a different country or through something as humble as getting out to the natural history museum, The best strategy for opening your imagination is getting out of your everyday. The people I meet in Mexico think it’s funny that I love their little, dusty,… Read more »

Giving In To Life: A Lesson In Fear Management From Mexico

If Mexico were safe it wouldn't be beautiful.

Have you ever been so anxious before a trip/wedding/job interview that you could hardly sleep? Who hasn’t had a night like that?! The cause of those anxious moments is essentially one sneaky thing. Fear. You don’t have trouble sleeping before a big trip because big trips can be dangerous. It’s because you’re afraid of the… Read more »

Clay Begins Again

I’ve challenged myself to finish a large ceramic sculpture by the end of this month (Follow me on Instagram for #hoopleclay sneek peeks!) Last month we went on a quest for feldspar and found so much more 🙂 Spent a lovely morning in Paoli, Wisconsin with #hooplebaby getting #hoopleclay ingredients 😀 Follow me on Instagram… Read more »

Every Place Is Sacred

Do you think where you're sitting right now isn't a sacred place?

Do you think where you’re sitting right now isn’t a sacred place? The guys are fishing and I’m bathing in fresh breezes, swaying branches and the life-blood-flow of an ancient river. The indigenous peoples called this river Sinnissippi, “rocky waters”. Every place is sacred if you look closely enough.   Wishing you a weekend full… Read more »

The Colors of Spring Are Not Pastels

Nature's definition of spring color is nothing like your Easter basket!

Spring is finally here and the color palette is not pastels like those Easter baskets would have you believe.  I love the combo of fawn-colored trees and tawny, dried grasses against pale blue sky.  And an emerald green, muddy river?  Perfection! This is nature’s definition of spring color:  

The Beauty of Cactus – Nature Photography in Mexico

It’s easy to see the beauty of cactus when you come from a place where they are few and far between! We’re down in Mexico visiting my in-laws right now and there are prickly pear cactuses EVERYWHERE!! Cactus is beautiful, edible and easy to grow. I took all of these cactus pics this morning in… Read more »

Authentic Mexican Enchiladas Recipe with Potatoes and Carrots!

I know what you’re saying. “Authentic Mexican enchiladas with potatoes, carrots and cabbage?!” I had never heard of it before either, but this is how enchiladas are made in the area near Salvatierra, Guanajuato where my in-laws live. (Food varies widely in Mexico depending on the region!) This enchiladas recipe is also the tastiest food… Read more »

We Started Building our House in Mexico!

My husband and I had a great time visiting his family in Mexico over Christmas-time! They live down near Salvatierra, Guanajuato in a little tiny rancho nestled up against an dormant volcano called el Cerro de Culiacan. The mountain is so much a part of their daily lives! So, the whole dream thing is for… Read more »

6 Things the Handmade Movement Could Learn From Mexico

One of the things I love most about being in Mexico is the ever-present sense of the Handmade. I don’t mean to imply that everything down there is handmade, but rather that the way they live their lives is in a Handmade way. The Mexican people share a collective genius for entrepeneurial spirit and do-it-yourself… Read more »