Full Lifetime Warranty Against Cord, Chain and Clasp Breakage

(Basically, if your jewelry’s cord, chain or clasp breaks, then I’ll repair it for you for free!)

What Does This Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers any cord, chain and/or clasp breakage that happens due to expected normal use. Yes, I expect you to wear this piece of jewelry every day, but NOT IN THE SHOWER OR SWIMMING.

What Does This Warranty NOT Cover?

This warranty does not cover cord, chain or clasp breakage due to misuse, abuse or accident.

My jewelry is NOT WATERPROOF. This warranty does not cover jewelry that’s been submersed in water. The occasional sprinkling of rain drops or ocean spray while para-gliding is no big deal, but natural wooden beads will swell when wet which can cause the cord to break. Not cool.

Also be aware that the natural beads my jewelry is made out of may weather and age prematurely if exposed to too much water and/or chemicals such as soaps/chlorine/etc.

How Long Is This Warranty Good For?

For life! (i.e. For as long as I’m around and living to perform the repairs for you!)

What Will I Do To Correct Problems?

I will send you a return label for you to ship the jewelry back to me for repair. If I’m unable to repair or replace your damaged piece of jewelry I will give you a refund of your purchase price.

How Do You Get Warranty Service?

Send me a message here, through my contact form and I’ll email you back within a week with your return label!

What Will Void The Warranty?

The warranty is void if you’ve submersed your piece of jewelry in water or if cord/chain/clasp breakage was due to misuse, abuse or accident.