Statement necklaces ROCK with everyday clothes!

Slate Bubbles - a stone statement necklace by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

A lot of people assume the smaller stone necklaces are easier to wear, but I almost always unearth my big rockin’ statement necklaces when I’m running out the door and need a little piece of the planet earth to ground me as I go about my day.

The three most important elements of picking out an outfit
to go with a rockin’ statement necklace are:

  1. Wear a solid color (not patterned) top.  (Patterns will draw the eye away from the stones, and rocks are the most important part of ANY outfit!!)
  2. Consider the relationship of necklace to neckline.  (The necklace can be above, below or right AT the neckline, but awareness is the key here!)
  3. Consider the overall relationship of outfit colors.  (The magic of a subtly colorful river rock necklace can be lost against a strong colored shirt.)

One of my favorite combinations is super colorful shirt with neutral stone necklace and neutral pants!  The important point here is not to let fear stand in the way.  I wear my statement necklaces almost every day with the same old thrift store clothes I’ve had since before I started making jewelry 😀  The rocks make the outfit!

Statement necklaces ROCK with everyday clothes!

Unleash your inner goddess, get one of these for your very own!

Left to right, top to bottom: New Style (coming soon!); Calvert Cliffs; Slate Bubbles; Slate Petals (my favorite!)

p.s. Yes, I’m pregnant! Our first baby (a little boy) is due at the end of November 😀 *squeeeee!!!*

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