Shortening a Chain Necklace is Easy

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what length necklace is best until you actually get to wear it and see for yourself how the pendant lies with your favorite outfits. You might order the necklace with a chain long enough to fall below your favorite v-neck t-shirt only to find out when you’ve tried it on that the pendant really looks better above the neck-line.

Every once in a while, I get emails from customers wondering if they can send their necklaces back to have them shortened a few inches (which they can and which I’m happy to take care of at no extra charge!) but I also get emails asking whether shortening the necklace themselves is easy and could I give some tips for how to go about doing it.

Why yes it is and yes I’d be happy to show you all how easy it can be to shorten a chain necklace! In any case if you try to shorten the necklace yourself and find that it’s not as easy as you wanted it to be, you can still send it back and I’ll fix it up. But if you shorten it yourself successfully you’ll save money on shipping and get to wear it right away!!

You will need:

– 1 necklace with a chain that’s got bigger links in it. (When the links are too fine, the chain ends attach differently than in this example and aren’t as easy to shorten.)
– 1-2 pairs of small needle-nose pliers that will cut wire.

1. Open the jump ring that attaches the chain to the clasp and slip the chain off of it.

2. Open the jump ring at the other end of the chain and slip the chain off of it.

3. Using the wire cutters, cut the chain to the length that you want. (When cutting a chain with a fixed pendant as in this example, you should cut an equal length of chain from each end so the clasp will end up in the middle!)

4. Slip the chain and the clasp back onto one of the jump-rings and bend closed.

5. Slip the last jump-ring onto the other chain end and bend closed.

You’ve done it! And remember, I’m only an email away if you need any professional help, but doesn’t it feel great to be able to get that special necklace on right away instead of going through the disappointment of having to wait for it again?


Jessica Budd

I work at a country club and have 6 years of jewelry making experience on the side. A very sweet 94-year-old member gives me her costume jewelry to repair and she gave me a 36″ S-chain to shorten. I would love to do this for her and wonder if a crimp tube and an eye hook would hold together?


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