1000+ Gift Ideas for Rugged, Sophisticated Men

1000+ gift ideas for sophisticated men

I’ve curated 1000+ gift ideas just for the sophisticated, rugged guys on your shopping list! Turns out, there are lots of thoughtful man gifts that compliment my handmade jewelry perfectly! I know you’re planning on getting him/yourself a piece of my rugged mens jewelry, but you’ll need some more gifts to round it out.  That’s why… Read more »

3 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers, Under $35

Job's Tears (coix) seeds (click through to buy seeds!)are a natural bead. Tear-shaped & grey, Job Tears grow with a hole through the middle & a shiny coating. I grow these natural beads right here in my Wisconsin garden! These natural beads are the seeds of a grain plant, much like a small, skinny corn, or a really robust rye. Job Tears most likely originated in India and were originally grown as a grain plant. These natural seeds have been used as a bead since at least 2,000 BC. Job tears have long been used in making rosaries and African shaker gourds.

Top to bottom: jobs tears seeds for beading; rainbow gemstone earrings; a small mandala stone  (Click through on a picture to buy!) Jobs tears seeds for beading – These natural beads are the seeds of a plant I grow right here in my own garden!  Great gift for a crafter or a gardener as they come ready… Read more »

ONE last thing before I can offer bowls for sale!

pottery bowls by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

These pottery bowls are beautiful, right? It’s almost Christmas, I should quick offer them up for sale and make all your gifting dreams come true!! But I can’t…not yet. There’s one tiny detail that I need to work out before I can offer these bowls for sale. Right now, they’re covered in beautiful oxides. But,… Read more »

One-of-a-kind Art Bowls In Progress

I can already tell, this pottery bowl is going to be special! As I said in my previous post, when I began creating these pinch-pot art bowls, each bowl I’m making will have unique surface decoration and glazing, every one as unique as snowflakes. Well, even more unique because none of them will be white!  Plus,… Read more »

The Fragile Beauty of Ocean Creatures

ceramic sculptures of ocean creatures by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My 3 yr old asked “Mommy, why are you making a whale vertebra?” I love when he does that!   I actually had to think about the why… and I didn’t want to explain the the hectic state of our nation’s political stage so I skipped that part and simply said: “Because I’m thinking about the… Read more »

Wabi Sabi Fall: Monday Nature Inspiration

  Fall is a bittersweet beauty for me.  I hate being cold!  But a beauty that’s bittersweet can be the most meaningful, the most touching. Here’s a wabi sabi fall nature moment to bring some beauty to your Monday morning.  Mondays deserve to be enjoyed instead of dreaded! Click here to share this on Facebook… Read more »

43+ Photos That Prove The Power Of Mens Jewelry

The Power of Mens Jewelry

Proof of the power of mens jewelry:   All on one convenient Pinterest board! Click through to get style inspiration from my Power of Mens Jewelry board. Wishing you a week full of lunches at outdoor cafes, Jenny p.s. If you haven’t claimed your 20% off coupon yet, click here to get your coupon and start… Read more »

Nature Book Review: The Soul Of An Octopus

Nature Book Review: The Soul of an Octopus

This is a really good book for naturalists about soulfully connecting with animals! The title piqued my curiosity and then the content dazzled me.  The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery was the perfect book to listen to while sculpting my spirit animals out of clay. I was skeptical when the audiobook started up and… Read more »

October In The Ceramics Studio: Nature Art And Succulents

In progress ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

  It is so inspiring to see all the ceramic sculptures I’ve made this month together in one spot! What this month’s art has us thinking about: I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hindu myth of the Kali, goddess of destruction and of rebirth.  The large bear head and the bear painting I’m working on… Read more »