My Art is Only Ever About ONE Thing

Organic clay sculpture in progress by Jenny Hoople. Click through to read about the inspiration behind her organic forms!

Pictured above is the top of a tortoise shell I’m sculpting!

This is the first in a series of tortoise shells I want to make to explore the myth of the whole world resting on the back of a turtle shell.  It’s interesting how so many different ideas can be found rolling around together in a single object.  The beauty of repeated forms, the intimacy of a fungi’s gills so like the intimacy of a woman’s body.  Also: regeneration, rebirth, growth, death, cycles, connected systems.  Existence.

I really only ever have one subject: the nature of existence.  Ain’t no big thang ;DA nature poem break is as close to a nature walk as you're gonna get while you're stuck at work! click through for a printable pdf

I wrote an inspiring poem about this piece and the beauty of repetitive forms in nature.

And even though the poem is part of my personal process that I shared exclusively with my Patreon supporters, you can still read it and take a refreshing poetry break right now by clicking below for a free PDF.

Click Here To Take A Poetry Break

Wishing you a week full of inspiring walks in nature,


p.s. A nature poem break is as close to a nature walk as you’re gonna get while you’re stuck at work, click here for instant poem access!

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