Most Natural Metal For Natural Stone Jewelry?

Natural Stone and Brass Necklace "Bits and Pieces" by Authentic Arts

I’ve decided that I really believe in brass.

Not only is it the perfect metal to combine with natural stone colors. It’s also symbolically, historically connected to beach stone throught the tradition of using brass on maritime vessels. And the same properties that make brass the perfect metal to use on sailboats are what make it a great, heirloom quality metal to use for natural stone jewelry.

Natural Stone Bracelet on brass.

Brass and natural stone are so pretty together!

I’ve played around with using different metal colors for my natural stone jewelry, but these latest three pieces were the ones that really convinced me of the beauty of brass with natural stone colors. (And especially combined with skin tones!) There are natural stones that are more colorful than my native Lake Michigan beach stone, but for the subtle greys, browns, creams and blacks of my indigenous Wisconsin stone, nothing compliments them like the greenish gold of brass.

Brass and Stone Ombre Necklace by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

And then there’s the history of using brass on sailing vessels.

My Grandpa Good loved sailing and loved taking me out sailing with him! One of the (many) things I learned about sailboats is that if it’s a piece of metal on a boat, then it’s made of brass!! It’s one of the only metals inert enough to resist the constant humidity and salt of the sea. Which is the other reason it’s perfect to use for natural stone jewelry!

My Grandpa Good's brass belt buckle :) for sailors only!

Brass is a long-lasting, heirloom quality metal.

Perfect for making heirloom quality stone jewelry that’s not unreasonably expensive and in keeping with the casual elegance of natural beach stone. There’s no finish to rub off over the years, it won’t tarnish like silver and you won’t have to sell your kidney to afford to buy jewelry made out of it. Which is good. Kidneys are extremely useful!!

So here’s what I want to know from you!

What do you think about combining brass and natural stone? Do they seem like the perfect combination, or am I a raving old sailor who’s had one too many pints of grog out of my brass flagon?? Share your brassy thoughts with us down in the comments!

Brass Lobster Clasp

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Ramona Jackson

I have recently switched from silver to using mostly red brass. Like you, I find it looks better with natural components like stone and leather. There is a warmth to it that silver just doesn’t have, and that is a key issue for designing fall and winter styles with my favorites: carnelian and emerald aventurine. So you’ve got my vote to go for it!


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