Mandala Stones and Rainbow Jewelry you can get for Christmas

The simple truth is that these are some old products I have some leftovers of and I’d love for them to find homes.  As such, the prices are lower than they ever were and I have limited numbers of each.  Best part is that if you order before December 20, you’ll get them in time for Christmas!  And all prices include shipping because that’s easier on the brain.  Click the photos to go to the listing where you can buy one!!

Rainbow Rocks necklaces @ $35 each. These are exactly the 6 necklaces I have left!

Limited run of Rainbow Rocks Necklaces

Rainbow Rocks Necklace, $35 each

Mandala stone sculptures by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Mandala stones (palm-sized, I choose the design you get) are $15 each

Inspire your indoor chores with a grounding, centering river stone mandala. Put it where you'll see it when you're washing dishes, just like Jess did!

I choose a mandala stone for you, $15 each

little rainbow gemstone earrings by jenny hoople of authentic arts

Little Rainbow Gemstone Earrings – $25 /pair

Rainbow Gemstone Earrings by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Little Rainbow gemstone earrings, $25/pair

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