Honeycomb Vessel In Progress

Honeycomb Vessel in progress. A ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople


Here’s a new ceramic sculpture I’m making, and it’s taking me forever πŸ˜› Surface area is a funny thing! Even funnier is the path that led me to begin this piece. It was all subconscious until I looked back at my instagram feed this week and saw my mind’s path.

First, I made a bunch of bowls to test glaze colors and sell down at Artwalk. They looked so nice all together. I love repeated shapes!

Second, when my parents were here visiting, I painted a handful of small watercolor postcards for fun. I didn’t mean it to be a study for a sculpture, but I suppose my mind had it’s own plans!

Now, here I am making this sculptural vessel. I want to make a lot of large sculptural vessels!! So many ideas, but I had to pick just one for now. I picked this honeycomb form, and I love it (even as it is driving me mad with feeling like I can’t do this and it won’t come out and it’s too much and I am not worthy.) So it always goes with anything worth making.

Wish me luck, or at least endurance!!

Thank you for your support,


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