Happy Ending to the Hickory Nut Story!

Remember how excited I was to find the mother-load of hickory nut stashes only to be thrown down into despair when I found out the nuts were empty duds? Well, I found this pile of nuts on the counter just now and thought to myself “How strange, I didn’t leave those there.” Acting on a hunch, I cracked one open and inside was the juiciest hickory nut you’d ever want to find!! Yummy yum yum! Turns out my knight in shining armor found a good hickory nut tree and brought some home for me 😀 Aw!!! I just texted my thanks and let drop that if he happened by that tree again he knew who he could bring home hickory nuts to. I think we’re gonna be pretty occupied this weekend shelling hickory nuts 🙂

Hickory nut cracking tip: Euell Gibbons says to hit sharply on the pointy end with a hammer to neatly halve, then quarter, then 1/8th the nut. I’m finding it doesn’t work out QUITE so neatly as all that, but I’m getting out more big chunks than little chunks and the only tools I’m using are a hammer and my hands!

Have a great weekend everybody! I wish you all luck in your wild food foraging 😀

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