My Gift To You: Free Printable Fungi Art

Free printable fungi art by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My Christmas present to you:  Free printable fungi art!  I made up printable PDFs of black and white fungi photos I took myself and you can opt-in here to get unlimited free printing access, click here to claim your free prints.

Print them out on photo paper, put them in simple black frames and you have a free, ready-to-go collection of nature art that will match any decor.  May I suggest a grouping of two rows of four prints each hung behind your couch?  Yes! (This is the frame I would use.  It’s sized to fit 8.5 x 11″ with a white mat, simple and classy!)

What do you mean fungi isn’t the first thing that jumps to mind on Christmas Eve?

Well, I hate the cold and I love the beautiful repeating forms of fungi gills, so let’s celebrate winter in black and white, but with the inspiring forms of spring and fall.  :)  Click here to download your free printable fungi pdfs.


Hope you’re having warm and happy holidays!  Today we’re making tamales with my in-laws and sharing good times.  Tomorrow morning?  #hooplebaby will have a magical day of ridiculous fun.  Yes, I believe in the magic of Christmas presents especially if they’re well-thought out, well-loved, preferably sustainable and come from the heart!  And my boy believes in them because, well…because TOYS.  ;)

Wishing you a very special Christmas and a week full of wonder,


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