For anyone needing a little green therapy today:

Anyone out there need some green therapy today?  Click through to read more!

Remember that the Earth still loves you and that winter is a part of the cycle.

Ripe raspberries will come from our garden again if we protect the dormant plants and keep them safe.

I saw a meme about our current change in presidents.  It was a woman down on the ground planting seeds.  Another person asks what she thinks the next four years will bring us.  The woman who’s planting answered something like, “hope, joy, prosperity and goodwill.”  Surprised, the onlooker asked how she could be so sure?!

“Because that is what I am planting.” She replied.

And here is what I’ll be planting: ceramic sculptures and sculptural pottery that provide a refuge from the malaise of modern life.  I’ll be planting the seeds of art that is rooted in love and connection and the beauty of nature.

Ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

This is the winter of our souls, but winter is a natural part of the cycle.  Let’s keep the seeds of love safe.

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