Ceramic Christmas Ornaments In Progress

​Christmas already??  It takes a while to design and develop a line of ceramic ornaments, not to mention making up stock for the holiday season!

Why Does It Take So Long?

I hand carved these designs in clay and then made plaster molds from that.  Now I roll out clay slabs, cut them into circles and press it down on the mold.  After they dry a bit, I clean up the edges and make the holes.  Then let them slowly dry. 

Then the firings!  I fire them in the kiln to make them hard, rub oxides into the carved designs, fire again, paint wax resist in and around the holes so the glaze won’t stick to the kiln then glaze the ornaments and fire for a third time!  Luckily, we pay in to our utility company’s renewable energy program so all of those firings are powered by clean energy sources!!

When Can You Buy One?

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Until then, enjoy these last beautiful days of summer!!


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