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For anyone needing a little green therapy today:

Remember that the Earth still loves you and that winter is a part of the cycle. Ripe raspberries will come from our garden again if we protect the dormant plants and keep them safe. I saw a meme about our current change in presidents.  It was a woman down on the ground planting seeds.  Another… Read more »

Rooted, At Ease, Heart-Felt, Plentiful, In Flow

Getting in touch with your core essence is a constant peeling away of layers.

Getting in touch with your core essence is a constant peeling away of layers. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on how to play the game of life, the playing field changes or you wake up and find yourself looped back around to where you started.  Again. The post I shared a couple… Read more »

How to Find What You Most Desire

Some people are born knowing what they want out of life. But if you’re like me, then you could use a little help deciding.  How many times have you bought an outfit that later you regretted?  How many times have you grown bored with a new job just a few months after starting?  How many times… Read more »

Things That Branch: An Art Story

A new spirit animal painting by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

I don’t always know when I sit down to make a piece of art why I’m making it. I’ve learned to let my intuition run with it and look for the meaning afterwards.  I always find that my subconscious was unearthing meaning and making connections that my conscious mind was unaware of. We all do… Read more »

A Nature Artist’s Thoughts On Our Society Gone Insane

Monkey Mind, a nature artist's thoughts on our society gone insane.

I’ve been thinking a lot about police brutality in our country and the racism and hate being promoted by our most embarrassing presidential candidate ever.  Who hasn’t been thinking about these things?! A friend of mine said it feels like our society has gone insane. I disagree.   What’s happening is that the country is… Read more »

7 Ways To Find More Nature In The Suburbs

Free printable nature notecards by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Click Here to Get Your Free Nature Note Cards Cultivate awareness. Without fail, the more centered I am, the more I can pay attention to detail and the more wonder-inspiring nature moments find me, even here in the city.  How to cultivate this awareness?  Meditate, EFT Tapping, yoga, journaling, chanting, taking walks, whatever works for… Read more »

My Art is Only Ever About ONE Thing

Organic clay sculpture in progress by Jenny Hoople. Click through to read about the inspiration behind her organic forms!

Pictured above is the top of a tortoise shell I’m sculpting! This is the first in a series of tortoise shells I want to make to explore the myth of the whole world resting on the back of a turtle shell.  It’s interesting how so many different ideas can be found rolling around together in… Read more »

Every Place Is Sacred

Do you think where you're sitting right now isn't a sacred place?

Do you think where you’re sitting right now isn’t a sacred place? The guys are fishing and I’m bathing in fresh breezes, swaying branches and the life-blood-flow of an ancient river. The indigenous peoples called this river Sinnissippi, “rocky waters”. Every place is sacred if you look closely enough.   Wishing you a weekend full… Read more »

Meditations on Life and Death

Free Meditation Printables: Zinnia Mandala by Jenny Hoople

This moment is the only moment. When I was still in my day job, I had this picture tacked up on my cubicle wall. It’s a photo of a mandala-like zinnia I painted after my friend, Lora Krogman, died suddenly in a car crash (it was more like the universe painted that zinnia, it flowed… Read more »

Free Meditation Printable #4: Cell Division

Free stone meditation printables

Stones divide, cells divide, our attention divides until it is as single pointed as the nucleus of a single cell and as multi-faceted as a beach full of stones.   I was interning at an organic farm and we were visiting another farm to learn about what farming was for them.  This farm had a… Read more »