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The Best Strategy To Fire Up Your Sense Of Wonder

Amazing form and texture in fossils - art inspiration at the natural history museum, click through for more pictures!

  Whether it’s by surrounding yourself with interesting sculptures or by travelling to a different country or through something as humble as getting out to the natural history museum, The best strategy for opening your imagination is getting out of your everyday. The people I meet in Mexico think it’s funny that I love their little, dusty,… Read more »

Meditating to your own heartbeat.

Monkey Mind ceramic sculpture by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

  Do you usually meditate by paying attention to your breath?  Try paying attention to your heartbeat and see if it takes you deeper. At the beginning of the year, around the time I was planning out my core desired feelings for the year and committing to working exclusively on ceramic sculptures and pottery, I changed my… Read more »

Rooted, At Ease, Heart-Felt, Plentiful, In Flow

Getting in touch with your core essence is a constant peeling away of layers.

Getting in touch with your core essence is a constant peeling away of layers. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on how to play the game of life, the playing field changes or you wake up and find yourself looped back around to where you started.  Again. The post I shared a couple… Read more »

How to Find What You Most Desire

Some people are born knowing what they want out of life. But if you’re like me, then you could use a little help deciding.  How many times have you bought an outfit that later you regretted?  How many times have you grown bored with a new job just a few months after starting?  How many times… Read more »