Beach Combing on Lake Michigan

Can you believe that I have been living only 1.5 hours away from Lake Michigan for the last 10 years and not once have I driven over and seen it?! I honestly didn’t know it was so close! Last weekend I made the trip over to Kenosha (a nice, resort town right on the lake and just north of the border between Wisconsin and Illinois, just like Beloit, where I live). My friends and I checked out Kenosha’s lighthouses and historical museums (there’s a Civil War museum that I’ll have to bring my dad to next summer!), but more importantly and a ton more fun, we went to one of the public beaches and scanned the shoreline for flat rocks to make jewelry with!

Looking for beach stones with my friends

These are my friends who came with me. They helped look for rocks with me for a while and we had a lot of fun, then they walked all the way out to that red lighthouse and left me in my beach-combing trance 🙂

Close up of the beach in Kenosha Wisconsin Beach Stones I'm Going to Turn into Natural Jewelry!

One type of rock from the beach in Kenosha that really grabbed my attention were the thin black stones (shale I think?) like that perfectly round one. I’m not sure if the black shale is too soft for jewelry, so I made a necklace to do a test run with and see if it shows any damage from normal wear. I hope it holds up, it’s such a pretty black rock with such perfect oval and round shapes!!

My FAVORITE stones are the intricately ridged and lined rocks that remind of mini topo maps like the one in the pic at top center. I’ve been drilling some of those topo rocks and am really happy with the results! Here’s the first necklace I’ve made with the stones we found:

The first necklace made with Topo stones!

I’ll have some more necklaces made with those topo rocks in the shop next week 😀 I was disappointed not to find an abundance of fossil corals since I know that they’re common around Lake Michigan, but I’ll be traveling further up and down the lake next time to see what I might find! I hope you all enjoyed my beach combing adventure! (I sure did!! It was so nice to hear the sound of waves and be out in the sun and wind. I’d forgotten what walking on sand was like!) The guy in this last picture enjoyed the day, too, can you see him all lounged out in the shade in the background? I bet those gulls didn’t even know he was there! Heck, I didn’t know he was there ’till I wrote this post! After we’d had our fill of beach combing, we wandered back through town and found a great burger place (hand cut fries, good beer and burgers made from organic, grass-fed beef!) Now THAT was a nature adventure with a happy ending!

Until next time, happy nature trails and have a great weekend everyone!!

Sea Gulls and a Guy in a red shirt lounging on the beach!

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