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A New Place to Promote your Nature Crafts!

Do you make crafts from natural materials or create art that’s nature-inspired?
Do you write nature craft DIY posts on your blog?
Are you always on then lookout for new, more effective ways to promote your work? (Who isn’t?!)

Well, there’s a new website on the block that can help you promote your natural material and nature-inspired crafts and art, for free! CraftingNature.com is a curated photo gallery where you can submit pictures of your handmade crafts and nature-inspired art for a chance to be featured. There is no charge whatsoever associated with the site and submitting is as easy as uploading a photo, typing a description and clicking “Submit”!

Screenshot of Crafting Nature Photo Gallery

How a Feature on Crafting Nature Promotes your Work

1) You’ll create valuable backlinks to your products that will never go away. When you submit a photo, you’re asked to include a description and insert links back to your product. (*hint: the more relevant your description, the better the quality of the backlink!) The more your products are featured and linked to, the higher your Etsy shop or blog will be ranked in Google search results and the more traffic you’ll get!

2) Since Crafting Nature is a tumblr blog, the posts are often widely shared and reblogged within the tumblr community. For those of you unfamiliar with tumblr, it’s a blogging platform crossed with a social media site. Every “reblog” creates another backlink to your shop and increases exposure within the tumblr community. A post that goes viral on tumblr gets hundreds of reblogs and likes and also gets shared by the users across other social media networks like twitter, facebook and pinterest! It’s like winning the backlink and increased exposure lottery :)

Crafting Nature is a free promotion site created for nature-loving artisans by a nature-loving artisan (me!) and I can’t wait to see what beautiful natural crafts and artwork you’re going to submit! So, what are you waiting for?! Get over to Crafting Nature and show me what you’ve got!

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