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Become an art collector!

Relaxing Rock Art by Jenny Hoople (and mother nature!)

Become an art collector!

I know that your true inner-nature-spirit is just as attuned to art and wonder as mine is or else you wouldn’t even be on my site or reading this paragraph! Sure, I make natural stone jewelry, but I’m actually not a jeweler. My natural stone jewelry is art and I’m an artist!! I began my artistic journey as a watercolor-spattered kid in the country and reclaimed my inner wonder-filled artist when I switched from a geology major in college to fine arts and ceramic sculpture. Hello kindred wonder-spirit :D Are you ready to become an art collector?

Relaxing Rock Art by Jenny Hoople (and mother nature!)

Begin with my new Stone Poem notecards!

I’ve picked up a lot of amazing rocks on my jewelry-rock gathering missions that aren’t jewelry material, but that I simply fell in love with and couldn’t leave behind!! I was designing some long, shallow shelves to install in my living room to display my rock collection. All of a sudden I got a lightning-strike idea of how I could share these beautiful geologic specimens with you — fine art prints!! (Now that I have a reason to keep a lot of big, interesting rocks around, I’ve got the PERFECT excuse for bringing even more of them home with me. Yay!!!) I’ve begun arranging and photographing the rocks I have on hand and I want to give you the chance to be the first in line!

Sign up here to see the completed set of Stone Poems when it’s ready.

Relaxing Rock Art by Jenny Hoople (and mother nature!)

Rock Collection or Art? It's all art to me!

(Some of the Stone Poems candidates! I can’t wait till the snow melts so I can go look for more!!)

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  • What a great idea love the rock notecards. I love rocks also. I always have. I grewup in northeastern pennsylvania,and climb the hills near the Allegheny Mountains where I lived searching out old indian spear heads made of rock.


    • Hey, I grew up in northwestern PA! Thank goodness for trees and hills and streams :D Thanks for stopping by Ann!!

  • Hi,
    I am loving your blog and your natural way of doing things. Keep up the great work!


  • Loved your web sight, helpful knowledge on Rocks as well.I too am a rockhound and can not wait to see your cards to order or even show at my rock and gemstone club so others can order from you as well.Great idea…Keep on rocking.

  • Hi Jenny, love your rocks! I too have rock disease. There are rocks on every available surface, as well as
    under things too! I also make lots of things w/ rocks, any usually manage to glue my fingers together
    At least 2 or 3 times a week. I will get my act together & send you pictures, but where do I send them? Can
    I email them to you?
    Friendly regards,
    Lynn D.

    Ps. When will your cards be out?

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