Mindful Monday: Need a Haiku Break?

Need a haiku break?

Are your Mondays hectic and loooong?  My blog series, Mindful Mondays, will give you an inspiring place to rest your mind.  Quick, bookmark my blog or add it to your feed-reader so you can check in on Mondays. Issa wrote this poem after the death of his daughter.  It’s important to remember the evanescence of… Read more »

Free Meditation Printable #4: Cell Division

Free stone meditation printables

Stones divide, cells divide, our attention divides until it is as single pointed as the nucleus of a single cell and as multi-faceted as a beach full of stones.   I was interning at an organic farm and we were visiting another farm to learn about what farming was for them.  This farm had a… Read more »

Mindful Monday: There is Nothing Wrong With Pretty

There is nothing wrong with pretty. Ever. ~ Sue Buck

Some of you might be thinking: “Duh!” But, all too often in the fine art world, beauty is viewed with suspicion and derision.  It’s like if you make work that is beautiful you probably aren’t a real artist.  You’re probably not suffering enough. Well, that’s ridiculous. I think there’s not enough art that celebrates beauty. … Read more »

Mindful Monday: Remember Not to Try

Remember not to try. To try is to push, to fight. Bend with the current, flow in the breeze, listen to your heartbeat. It's like Yoda said, right? Do or do not. There is no try!

Remember not to try.  To try is to push, to fight.  Bend with the current, flow in the breeze, listen to your heartbeat.  It’s like Yoda said, right?  Do or do not.  There is no try! Wishing you a Monday full of flow, Jenny p.s. Don’t forget to bookmark my blog or add my feed… Read more »

Mandala That Grew Like Lichen on the Stone

2015-07-10 07.41.09

At long last: I managed to create a #mandala that really feels like #lichen growing on a rock!! #hooplemandalas #authenticarts #rockcollection #rocksrock (beeswax in the background by @nurturebychynna @chynnahaas ) A photo postedby Jenny Hoople (@jennyhoople) on Jul 10, 2015 at 5:49am PDT

Free Stone Meditation Printable #2: Lichen Mandalas

Free stone meditation printables

Be like lichen. Growing slowly, expanding intentionally in every moment. Opening with every breath. Could you use more mini-meditations to stay grounded during the day? Painting mandalas on stone has become my meditation.   When I sit down to paint, it’s just me, a stone, a bottle of ink and a brush.  I begin with a… Read more »

Moon Power

Moon Power and Mandala Stones by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My mind is racing all over the place today. Not sure if it’s the full moon affecting me or loved ones or maybe life is crazy all the time and I’m really sensitive to it right now. Doesn’t matter! Working to quiet it down with rock therapy: ‪