7 Ways To Find More Nature In The Suburbs

Free printable nature notecards by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Click Here to Get Your Free Nature Note Cards Cultivate awareness. Without fail, the more centered I am, the more I can pay attention to detail and the more wonder-inspiring nature moments find me, even here in the city.  How to cultivate this awareness?  Meditate, EFT Tapping, yoga, journaling, chanting, taking walks, whatever works for… Read more »

The Goddess Loves Reptiles: A Nature Art Story

Reptile Goddess stone painting by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Sometimes my art happens thanks to accidents of nature (and turns out the better for them!) Crescent moon, goddess, snake and lizard, cool, right?!  But, what does it all mean?  Well, I knew the crescent moon would be a part of this rock.  I had had an experience earlier that week when I was pierced… Read more »

My Mandala Boulder Is Still Inspiring Awe


  My Mandala Boulder Is Still Inspiring Awe After A Year On A Mexican Mountain Remember that six foot tall mandala stone I painted last winter in Mexico? I’m excited to tell you that the white India ink is still as clear as the day I painted it! And it’s still inspiring people, too :) The… Read more »

New Nature Art From A Winter In Mexico

Fine art prints by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Moon goddesses and spirit animals are two new directions in my art that really surprise and delight me. We’re back from our winter home in Mexico (after 3 full days of driving!) and I wanted to give you a preview of the new art coming soon here to my online shop. I started our 3… Read more »

Heal Your Soul With Wildflowers and Fiddle Strings

wildflowers for belgium

I am pierced by sadness. My reunion with #NPR (after spending 3 mos in Mexico) is tainted with the blood of #Belgium … I find myself searching for beauty to heal my soul. Here are the #wildflowers I found on the side of the road in Texas during a puppy potty break. I also found an… Read more »

How To Live Your Dreams Now

Live your dreams now! Click through for a printable worksheet :D

Living your dreams is a state of mind. Why is your dream life always something that will happen in the future? Even when you’re in that cabin on the lake, you feel like it’s a temporary state and a couple days in to your vacation, you’re thinking about how it’s almost time to go back… Read more »

Barnacle Sculpture Ready For The Fire


Really, the most exciting part of this sculpture is yet to come.  I’ve never done a pit-fire, so this is going to be a big learning adventure :D  Pit-fired clay generally comes out with smoky, black markings and (hopefully) reddish/peach blushes.   My greatest hope is that nothing breaks because this thing is really cool… Read more »

Nature Art Inspiration From A Mountaintop In Mexico


Inspiration is everywhere!  In this case, a super strange seedpod I found on top of el Cerro de Culiacan (the dormant volcano by my in-law’s town here in Mexico.) The pod came from a huge conifer/yew/something… I have no idea what the trees are, but they really know how to make interestingly textured shapes. The top… Read more »

How To Live A Nature Art Life By Giving In To Flow

Ceramic barnacle sculpture in progress by Jenny Hoople

How I create nature art using flow: So, we’re down in Mexico for the winter, as usual, and I’ve started building clay forms to do my first pit-fire. I started 5 forms and scrapped 3 of them within this first week, but I’m totally ok with that. Why? Here’s the breakdown: I intended to start… Read more »