Super Moon, Incredible Calm

Super moon, incredible calm. September 9, 2014. Where were you?

September 9, 2014.  Morning of the setting of the Super Moon.  I snuck out of bed (after a wakeful night of baby teething and quiet struggle) to find myself on a calm, lakefront deck with nothing between me and eternity except for two maple trees. Barefooted, I sped down the second story steps and over… Read more »

Stones and a Sense of Place

2014-09-08 12.14.17

Sense of place is a subconscious feeling we get about where we are. It’s flavored by the crunch of beach stone under our feet, the clean, minty smell of pennyroyal in the lakeshore lawns, the sparkle of sunlight out on the water, the crows and windchimes in the background and the friendly, community feeling of… Read more »

What does a yoga mat have to do with making river stone jewelry?!

What does a yoga mat have to do with making river stone jewelry?! Step 1: Dump stones out on yoga mat.

This week, I discovered an awesome way to get my creative juices flowing.  I was thinking about how I want to organize the new studio space we’re building for Authentic Arts when it occurred to me (as I was looking around the web at special yoga office chairs that let you sit at your desk… Read more »

The Meaning in Moss

What's the meaning in moss? Green, strange, resilient. Moss moves mountains (click through for more moss pics)

There are as many reasons to love moss as there are people that love it! Maybe you swoon over it’s refreshing shades of green, or appreciate the soft carpet it makes when you’re tiptoeing through the woods looking for the source of an unfamiliar bird call? Maybe you love the sound of it’s name whispered… Read more »

The Beginning Of The End, Fall Has Fallen On Wisconsin

I didn't see only one red fall leaf, they were everywhere!! Beginning of the end...of a new beginning. And so it goes... #Wisconsin #Fall2014

I hate to be the one to call this one, but fall is here (Already?!) There is beauty in every season (and I believe that fiercely!) but I cannot tell a lie:  I’m sad to see the summer slipping away so soon.  And, quite honestly… (I hate winter.) That’s one of my dirty little secrets…. Read more »

A Momentous Day For Authentic Arts

"This isn't my ideal art studio yet, but it's going to be!!! Construction begins!" ~ Jenny Hoople, Authentic Arts

Not only did my new website just go live (YAY!!) but this weekend, we started ripping apart our “finished” basement to turn it into the new home of Authentic Arts! You thought I already had a gorgeous art studio? Not quite! For 5 years, I’ve been creating jewelry, blogging, dreaming, and scheming from the edges… Read more »

Now at MOWA: River Stone Jewelry by Authentic Arts!

Authentic Arts's river stone jewelry is now at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) gift shop!!

Hilarious! I opened the mailbox and thought “Huh, that jewelry’s like mine, talk about targeted advertising…” and then realized it IS my jewelry!! My work’s out on display now at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) Gift Shop! :D I felt very famous to get mail about myself…. wonder if that’s what musicians feel like… Read more »

Getting Rid Of Cord Clutter: Easy As A Pile Of Rocks!


Wish I’d thought to take a “before” picture, because my desk was a MESS! Two days ago, my computer workstation was the most depressing place to sit and now it’s my favorite spot in the house! There was a Spanish/English dictionary under my monitor (for height, I don’t need the dictionary anymore!) and there was… Read more »