Fall Song, A Poem By Mary Oliver

Fall Song, a poem by Mary Oliver (click through to read the full poem)

This looks like it will be our last warm and glorious autumn weekend. The perfect excuse to escape to that fallen log in your favorite woodland hideaway and read poetry. Here’s a soul stirring selection I found from Mary Oliver to get us started! Fall Song Another year gone, leaving everywhere its rich spiced residues:… Read more »

River Stone Mandalas Coming Soon

Transform any table into the grounding centerpoint of your home with a river stone mandala (click through to sign up by 10/30/14 to be first in line for a 10 day run of limited quantities!)

Next week, I’m offering… River Stone Mandalas (Available for only 10 days, ever!) Like I told you last week, I’m launching a kickstarter campaign to raise money for model shots for my rugged mens jewelry line :D (time to go pro!!) There will be limited quantities of stones available, so sign up to get exclusive… Read more »

Free, Printable Mandala Art

Free printable mandala art sign up before 10/21/14 8pm EST

Wouldn’t this mandala be a beautiful focal point hanging above your computer screen? You’ll get a free, printable PDF of this mandala art if you sign up for my email list tonight (10.21.14) before 8pm EST (5pm PST) http://eepurl.com/cvK9n (because mandalas totally rock!!)

Do You Like Mandalas?

River stone mandalas coming soon to kickstarter (planning begins today 10/16/14!) stay tuned :D

  Mandalas are wonderful!  Soothing and meditative to look at.  And what could be more soul-centering than a mandala on river stone?  A white-inked mandala on river stone that’s sitting under YOUR computer monitor!! I’m hatching a daring and ambitious plan to raise funds for a model shoot for my jewelry! Sign up for my… Read more »

Remembering Kindness In This Digital Age

"Every rock is special as is every human soul."

“Every rock is special as is every human soul.” ^^ Yes, that’s an actual quote from an email I just sent. And yes I really meant it.  I was getting impatient with my sales rep after 4 months of unreturned emails and phone calls.  (Truth be told, I was panicking and feeling pretty pissed!)  But… Read more »

Transform computer time into nature time.

A pile of stones under your computer monitor goes a long way to making computer time into fun time! Click through to connect with a fellow stone lover!

Need to get a ton of computer work done, but wish you were out swishing through leaves on a shaded woodland path?  You and me both!!  Luckily, there’s a pile of interesting stones under my computer monitor because there has been a lot of computer spreadsheet work this week! Don’t worry about whether it’s “unconventional”. … Read more »

Why I Believe In You

Perfection is a myth sketchbook page by Jenny Hoople

I know you to be a free, artsy, beautiful, natural being.  A part of the free-wheeling collision of stars and armadillos. I bet you spend a lot of time feeling stuck.  Stuck at the office, stuck in traffic, stuck washing the dishes, stuck in line at the grocery store, stuck stuck stuck. Secret #1:  I… Read more »

Autumn, A Story Told By Insects

Autumn is a story told in hover flies and other insects. Click through to see more nature photos!

Autumn always brings the insects out of the foliage! It’s like they’re so busy preparing for winter that they don’t have the luxury to hide from prying eyes anymore. Lucky for us!   The other day’s cricket joke got me thinking more about bugs in general, which, of course means I’ve been seeing them everywhere!… Read more »