Why I’m Not Doing A Black Friday Sale


Let’s give in to love and happiness this Thanksgiving.   I’ll still do a Holiday Jewelry Sale But it’ll be next weekend and just for my email subscribers. (Click here to sign up!) Can you believe #hooplebaby is a whole year old already?!  Holy guacamole.  He’s not sleeping through the night yet, but he’s still… Read more »

Men’s Jewelry Look Book 2015

Mens jewelry designer Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts creates natural jewelry inspired by nature. Mens beaded necklaces and bracelets. http://jennyhoople.com/

My men’s jewelry makes these models look so hot! Here are the model shots the River Stone Mandala fundraiser paid for! The photos that June Lion took are SO perfect in the way they capture the casual but sophisticated look of my mens jewelry line. And don’t you think the jewelry really helps these models… Read more »

Snow is Beautiful and I Hate It

Winter is beautiful, but I hate it. Click through to give yourself permission to turn your nose up at these beautiful snowflake mandalas!

This Sunday is brought to you by Snowflakes.  The original mandala!  We had our first real snow last night :) I hate snow. I’ll take this beautiful moment to admit that I hate winter.  Snowflakes are beautiful, this soft, quiet snowfall was beautiful, swimming all by myself at 9am down at the Y while everyone… Read more »

Stone Mandala Art Becoming So Much More

Mandala art on family photos (a new artwork series by Jenny Hoople)

  Making mandala art for my River Stone Mandala Fundraiser was so exciting that I can’t stop! I’m planning bigger stone pieces, which part of the proceeds from the fundraiser will help make possible!  And I’ve started drawing mandalas on old family photos (well, larger copies of family photos, that is!) Above is a rare… Read more »

Buy A River Stone Mandala And Help Awaken The World To Wonder

Help awaken the world to wonder, pick up a river stone mandala before 11/10/14 to help fund the creation of a large-scale art piece featuring large boulders covered in lichen-like mandala "growths"!! - (original art by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts)

Help awaken the world to wonder, snag a one-of-a-kind river stone mandala before 11/10/14 By pledging my Kickstarter campaign, you’ll help fund my creation of a large-scale art piece featuring large boulders covered in lichen-like mandala “growths”. I started this River Stone Fundraiser to raise money for model shots for my rugged men’s jewelry line. … Read more »

Exclusive River Stone Mandala Art Pre-sale Starts Thursday!

River stone mandalas on kickstarter 10.30.14 - 11.9.14, click through for details!

Artistic Ideas for Mindful Living Turn any table into the grounding center of your home with a one-of-a-kind white ink, river stone mandala!  There are a limited quantity of these stones available, and they’ll only EVER be available during this 10 day Kickstarter campaign, so sign up here for my email list before 10.30.14 to… Read more »

Breathe Along With The Music, An Easy Meditation Technique

Have you ever breathed along with the music? A fun and easy meditation technique from Jenny Hoople

I bet you sing along with the music, don’t you? Me, too! But, have you ever breathed along with the music? Now, I’m not talking about breathing during a song instead of singing. That would be silly, how can you not sing along to a good song! I’m talking about singing along AND breathing along… Read more »

Large Lake Michigan Rocks for Mindful Mandalas

Large rocks for to paint white ink mandalas on, coming to kickstarter 10/30/14 click through for details!

Baby and I foraged some large rocks from Lake Michigan yesterday to paint mandalas on! The river stone mandalas will only ever be available through my 10 day kickstarter campaign that starts Thursday 10/30/14. Signup here for the exclusive river stone mandala presale! Turn any table into the grounding centerpoint of your home with a… Read more »

Fall Style Inspiration From Nature’s Colors

Fall style inspiration from nature's colors (click through to see the outfit!)

So, yesterday when I was out walking, this fall foliage color combo jumped up and slapped me!  Yellow maple leaves, evergreen boughs and doe-brown burr oak leaves.  Nicely done, nature, nicely done. I thought I’d play around and see if I could come up with a casual fall outfit in those colors and then this… Read more »

Fall Song, A Poem By Mary Oliver

Fall Song, a poem by Mary Oliver (click through to read the full poem)

This looks like it will be our last warm and glorious autumn weekend. The perfect excuse to escape to that fallen log in your favorite woodland hideaway and read poetry. Here’s a soul stirring selection I found from Mary Oliver to get us started! Fall Song Another year gone, leaving everywhere its rich spiced residues:… Read more »