Moon Power

Moon Power and Mandala Stones by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

My mind is racing all over the place today. Not sure if it’s the full moon affecting me or loved ones or maybe life is crazy all the time and I’m really sensitive to it right now. Doesn’t matter! Working to quiet it down with rock therapy: ‪

Free Stone Meditation Printables – Why This Stone? Why This Beach?

Free stone meditation printables

Weathered stone, cool and grounding. Fading colors, broken outline. Why this stone?    Why this beach?   I’ve always been the type of person to come back from the beach with pockets crammed with interesting rocks (probably you’re that type of person, too!) There’s real meditation in looking for rocks (whether on a surf-washed beach or… Read more »

15 Nature Moments from a Month of Clarity

Click through for more inspiring nature moments (by Jenny Hoople)

I thought that by taking a month off of Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, I’d find lots of time for spending in nature and making art. Surprisingly, I got out in nature and made art, but not more than I usually do. What I actually did more of was 1) deepen my most important relationships and 2) think more clearly…. Read more »

New Stone Mandala Gallery Piece


What do cell division, rocks and mandalas all have in common? Cells divide, rocks divide, our attention divides until it is as small as a single cell whirring about the cosmos, until it is as small as the nucleus of a single cell. I’m steadily creating stone mandalas so that I’ll have enough for a… Read more »

Reconnect With The Universe This June

Want to reconnect with the universe? I dare you to unplug from Pinterest for the month of June 2015. Click through to join me!!

Who DOESN’T need more butterflies, stones and sunshine in their lives?! Hello, friend!  Want to reconnect with the universe?  Get crazy and join me in a June without Facebook or Pinterest or Puppies. (Just kidding, puppies are still allowed!  But, I did cut out watching movies by myself, a guilty pleasure.) I’ve challenged myself to… Read more »

It’s LGBT Pride Month!

Some people are gay. Get over it. (And get some quality mens jewelry handcrafted by jenny hoople!)

June is gay pride month!  Celebrate in style with my handmade unisex necklace made from a rainbow of semi-precious gems and natural black pen shell.  The perfect accessory for globe-hopping to the different LGBT pride festivals around the world  :D  What a fabulous excuse to get your passport out! Have a gay month!!  ~ Jenny… Read more »

When Stones Get Effed Up

When you eff something up, throw it back into the water. Let the waves and time wash clean your attachments to a desired outcome. (mandala stone rejects from jenny hoople)

I could show you the awesome ‪#‎hooplemandalas‬ I painted this week, but I’d rather show you the rejects:   When something doesn’t go as planned, keep going until it’s amazing. If it becomes totally effed up instead of becoming amazing, then throw it back in the water so the universe can turn it back into… Read more »

My Mens Jewelry Now Guaranteed For Life

Mens jewelry by Authentic Arts comes with a lifetime guarantee on broken cords, chains and clasps!

Even cooler than my men’s beaded jewelry now coming with a lifetime guarantee (see below) is that I’ve upgraded to a stronger beading cord and to stainless steel clasps and jumprings. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize the cord I’d been using wasn’t the strongest one out there. I owe a big thanks to one… Read more »

Trying to Feel Grateful in the Midst of Chaos

Trying to feel grateful in the midst of chaos.

My house is a mess, my Christmas tree is still up, my toddler is “cutting” the sofa with a butter knife, but there’s a corner of my mind that still has it’s finger on the pulse of the universe. ‪#‎grateful‬‬ ‪#‎hooplemandalas‬ Wishing you as many moments of connection as possible this fine Saturday! ~ Jenny