Do You Collect Heart Shaped Rocks?

Do you collect heart rocks? Click through to learn more about this mother of all heart-shaped stones that I found!

Do you collect heart-shaped rocks? Check out this awesome, natural heart rock I found (and brought back) from Mexico! I’m till deciding how to use it in an art piece. I’m not going to draw on it… I don’t know how to make this but I have a vision of a large, cracked wood sculpture… Read more »

Why I Love the Men Who Buy My Jewelry

Why I Love The Men Who Buy My Jewelry: Confessions of a Jewelry Artist

I love the men who buy my jewelry because they are stylish, interesting and above all ELOQUENT. Here are three reviews written by a special customer of mine, Mark. He talks about my jewelry better than I can. And he’s been to Nassau. I confess, I had to look it up. Nassau is the capital… Read more »

Mandala Stones and Boulders in Mexico

Mandala stones by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts (now in Mexico!)

Drawing mandalas on stones and boulders. That’s what I’ve been doing this month in Mexico with almost no internet. The best part was that awesome boulder. It called to me and I answered as best I could. Turns out we were made from the same cosmic dust that boulder and I! It is extremely frustrating… Read more »

Double Rainbow in Mexico – Life is Good, Even Without Internet!

Double rainbow in Mexico - proof that life without internet is still worth living!

We’re in our winter home in Mexico (well, my in-law’s house!) and eating a ton of tasty avocados, oranges, queso fresco, bolillos, etc!! We’re about to continue the work of building our own house and I’ve started drawing mandalas on Mexican rocks! Internet access has been spotty, but the reward for living in rural Mexico… Read more »

Flash Jewelry SALE

Organizing my work table always inspires new pieces! Flash SALE - time to make room for new work use the coupon code MEXICO for $20 off at

Organizing my work table always inspires new pieces! Flash Jewelry SALE – time to make room for new work :) Use the coupon code MEXICO at checkout for $20 off  

Fungi in Wisconsin in December


Thank you, December, for blessing me with: •   geese flying through mists •   moths fluttering around one tree •   bracket fungus fruiting in the middle of winter •   and all the lovely moss and lichen Thank you thank you thank you! We’ll be heading down to Mexico soon, so you may resume… Read more »

Still Time To Get It By Christmas

Order by 12/19/14 to get him some man jewelry in time for Christmas!

You can still place your order by December 19 to get that piece of man jewelry shipped in time for Christmas!  (Complimentary upgrades to Priority Shipping, starting…now!)