Mindful Monday: Earth Sighing, Trees Swaying

Need some workday meditation? Remember: Earth sighing, trees swaying. (nature art by Jenny Hoople)

Take a moment today when you’re walking to your car. Notice the wind on your skin, watch the wind sighing through the treetops and try to imagine this as the whole earth breathing in and out. Need more nature meditations for this long Monday morning? Sign up for my email list below to get inspired… Read more »

What I’m Not Sharing Publicly

What secrets could this ceramic sculpture hold?

Maybe you’ve been following my clay-sculpting journey on Facebook or Instagram, so you’ve seen all the pictures. You know I’m almost done with this three-dimensional mandala. (There will be three more “petals” around the Buddha at the center, completing the circle.) What you don’t know is that I’m making this piece to celebrate and facilitate… Read more »

Mindful Monday: Do You Feel Like A Fraud?

Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art. ~ Vincent Van Gogh (nature art by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts)

The worst part about criticism is when it confirms what you already know about yourself. Here’s a quote that means a lot to me because in my junior year of college, I had a class that’s curriculum was basically, “create a body of artwork and we’ll tell you why it sucks.” Remember that time when… Read more »

Sculpting a Mandala in Clay

Definitely a mandala, but not truly 3-dimensional yet. A work in progress by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts.

Last week, I told you about the ceramic sculpture I’ve challenged myself to finish by the end of this month.  Well, here’s your sneak peek!!  Stay tuned for more #hoopleclay reports! Click here to subscribe to my email list for clay updates and a free series of stone mandala meditations! Click Here to Get Your… Read more »

Giving In To Life: A Lesson In Fear Management From Mexico

If Mexico were safe it wouldn't be beautiful.

Have you ever been so anxious before a trip/wedding/job interview that you could hardly sleep? Who hasn’t had a night like that?! The cause of those anxious moments is essentially one sneaky thing. Fear. You don’t have trouble sleeping before a big trip because big trips can be dangerous. It’s because you’re afraid of the… Read more »

Best Mens Bracelet For Watching Cirque du Soleil

Dark Matter business casual men's bracelet by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

What would you wear to Cirque du Soleil? Don went with an all-purpose black t-shirt, Hopi inset bracelet and my own distictive Dark Matter Bracelet.  (Not to mention the perfectly trimmed beard and casual, wavy, shoulder length hair!)  :D  Love it! Click here to buy your own Dark Matter bracelet!

Is Your House A Sacred Space?

How do you define sacred? Is your house a sacred space? It totally can be!

I had a passionate argument with a fellow art-student once. He said no place was natural anymore because no matter where you go, it’s been touched by the hand of man.  Every national park is littered with airplane trails, candy wrappers, your own bumbling self because wherever you go, there you are. I disagree completely. … Read more »