Need Help Balancing Your Root Chakra?

Great addition to a meditation altar for balancing your root chakra! -- Hand painted stone cairn by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

Feeling much more balanced today after a MAJOR decluttering of our living and dining rooms :D  You can’t see the nature treasures and art you’ve gathered around you if the haze of everyday living has managed to pile up to the point that it weighs down your mind! Meanwhile, back in the shop, this mandala stone cairn… Read more »

Mindful Mondays: You ARE The Center Of The Universe

So why do we humans always doubt ours? (nature art by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts)

  Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite books!  A good read for soul searchers, for women looking for their one-true-path through this lifetime, for nature lovers seeking a sense of connection with all things. Click through to buy this book on Amazon right now and you’ll be one step closer to… Read more »

Mindful Mondays: Be the Soul of Your Office

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. ~ Rumi (nature photo by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts)

Yes, it’s Monday and you’re back in the office. But there IS hope! Take some time to breathe in the grumpy, tense, disgruntled feeling of this Monday morning.  Hold it for a moment to transform that feeling into light and positive energy, then breathe it back out into your office.  Become the soul of your… Read more »

New Clay Sculptures

New clay sculptures by Authentic Arts. Click through to read about Jenny's inspiration, soul-filling stuff!

Ammonites, sacred goddess vessels and mandalas, oh myyy! When I finished the Buddha Mandala sculpture, I gave myself permission to play!  The best work can come bubbling out when you stop trying to give yourself a sense of direction.  So, these couple of weeks, I let myself enjoy creating for creation’s sake and I love what’s… Read more »

Mindful Monday: Are You Depressed?

Watch for worms, caterpillars, weeds and roots, tiny beetles, mossy cracks. ~ Jenny Hoople (nature photograph by Authentic Arts)

This was the last sentence of my journal from 20 January, 2003. My “after college” job, working on an organic farm, was ending after 2 years of heavy lifting and making friends.  (I’d be marrying one of the farm workers within a month!)  And I was SO DEPRESSED.  Not because of the upcoming marriage, my… Read more »

Mindful Mondays: May All The Suffering Of All Beings Come Upon Me

Tonglen, or Giving and Receiving meditation. (nature photography by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts

May all the suffering of all beings come upon me, and may they have all my joy and happiness.  ~ Sylvia Boorstein on Tong Len (sending and taking) meditation. Tong Len is a beautiful meditation that does as much good for yourself as for the world/people/beings you direct your intentions toward.  Here’s a nice 5… Read more »

Mindful Monday: Love the Rain, Love Yourself

Click through to get a printable PDF of this inspirational poster for rain lovers!

Do rainy days depress you? Do you get that sleepy, crawl-back-in-bed feeling?  Well, there’s a good reason!  That extra air pressure pushing down on you triggers a biological reaction that would have kept you safe out of the storm if we were still living out in the open. Most of us live indoors now, though,… Read more »